Korean 3 Peaks Challenge

The Korean Three Peaks Challenge entails climbing the three highest mountains in South Korea. The challenge can be undertaken over 24 hours, or 3 days.

The Mountains

The three tallest mountains in South Korea are:

Halla-san (Baeknok-dam, 1947 m), on Jeju Island
Jiri-san (Cheonwang-bong, 1915 m), in Gyeongnam province
Seorak-san (Daecheong-bong, 1708 m), in Gangwon province

The Route

There are multiple potential routes for completing the challenge. The important thing is to stand on the summit of all 3 mountains within a 24-hour / 3-day period. However, because the challenge must be completed within a limited time, the shortest / easiest combination of routes are preferred. These are:

Halla-san Ascent: Seongpanak (9.6km), Descent: Gwaneumsa (8.7km)

Jiri-san Ascent: Jungsan-ri (5.4km), Descent: Jungsan-ri (5.4km)

Seorak-san Ascent: Osaek (5km), Descent: Osaek (5km)

This route has a total hiking distance of 39.1km

The Journey

The time spent travelling between the mountains is included in your total time limit. As well as driving, because Halla-san is located on Jeju Island, a flight or boat journey will be required to travel to/from the mainland. Therefore you must plan carefully to decide on the quickest and most efficient route. It is recommended that you ask friends to make a support team so that the challenge team can rest on the journey between each mountain. Make sure to check the national park entrance times and to call in advance to ask for special permission if your schedule does not match these times.

The History

The most well-known Three Peaks Challenge is in the UK, and has been on the bucket-list of many aspiring British adventurers for decades. It involves summiting the tallest mountain in Scotland, England and Wales in 24 hours. Climbing these mountains (Ben Nevis – 1345 m, Scafell Pike – 978 m, Snowden – 1085 m) back-to-back is a tough but accessible challenge that inspires thousands of people to get into the mountains and push their boundaries every year.

The Korean 3 peaks challenge, with its spectacular scenery and much taller mountains is without doubt a more demanding endurance adventure. Are you ready to take on the challenge and attempt the Korean 3 Peaks?

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